Right now, I could not be prouder of my two little girls  young ladies.

Not just because Eva has started drama classes and according to her teacher is a ‘little star’ !  Yes, we’ve always thought that, but when someone else tells you, you just want to burst, don’t you?

And not just because Olivia came 1st place in a school competition for poem writing! Wow!

I am so, so, SO proud because, these two girls have amazed me.girls


After drama class this week, we popped into our local supermarket to pick up some salad to go with our dinner.  When we came out it was pouring down with rain, so we made a dash for the car.  When we got in, the girls had noticed that near the doorway was a homeless man, sitting on the floor, cowering from the weather. I had noticed him too, but had averted my eyes.  Olivia said that she felt really sorry for this poor man and wished there was something we could do.

Eva then remembered that their Grandpa had given them a £1 each for sweets, which was sitting in their pockets, and asked if they could give the money to the man.  I suggested this was not such a good idea, but if they wanted we could go back into the shop and buy the man something to eat and drink.

They wanted to do this.

We went back into the shop and with their money and the loose change I had in my pocket, we bought some warm croissants, a bunch of banana’s (the girls choice – something healthy, they thought) a bottle of milk and a chocolate bar.

Together, they approached the man – with me keeping cautiously close and gave him the goodies.  He was so grateful and lovely and thanked the girls and myself profusely.

We got back in the car and I burst into tears.

They were delighted with themselves and so glad they had done it.

I have never felt prouder.

Shamefully, I know that if the girls were not with me that night, I would never have done such a thing. I’d have jumped in the car and gone home to my lovely, warm house without a second thought.

As we drove out of the car park, I tooted the horn and we all waved to the man.  He, between bites of his croissant, waved back enthusiastically.



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