Right now, I could not be prouder of my two little girls  young ladies.

Not just because Eva has started drama classes and according to her teacher is a ‘little star’ !  Yes, we’ve always thought that, but when someone else tells you, you just want to burst, don’t you?

And not just because Olivia came 1st place in a school competition for poem writing! Wow!

I am so, so, SO proud because, these two girls have amazed me.girls


After drama class this week, we popped into our local supermarket to pick up some salad to go with our dinner.  When we came out it was pouring down with rain, so we made a dash for the car.  When we got in, the girls had noticed that near the doorway was a homeless man, sitting on the floor, cowering from the weather. I had noticed him too, but had averted my eyes.  Olivia said that she felt really sorry for this poor man and wished there was something we could do.

Eva then remembered that their Grandpa had given them a £1 each for sweets, which was sitting in their pockets, and asked if they could give the money to the man.  I suggested this was not such a good idea, but if they wanted we could go back into the shop and buy the man something to eat and drink.

They wanted to do this.

We went back into the shop and with their money and the loose change I had in my pocket, we bought some warm croissants, a bunch of banana’s (the girls choice – something healthy, they thought) a bottle of milk and a chocolate bar.

Together, they approached the man – with me keeping cautiously close and gave him the goodies.  He was so grateful and lovely and thanked the girls and myself profusely.

We got back in the car and I burst into tears.

They were delighted with themselves and so glad they had done it.

I have never felt prouder.

Shamefully, I know that if the girls were not with me that night, I would never have done such a thing. I’d have jumped in the car and gone home to my lovely, warm house without a second thought.

As we drove out of the car park, I tooted the horn and we all waved to the man.  He, between bites of his croissant, waved back enthusiastically.



The search for Crawley Woods

Every couple of weeks when the weather is great…or when it’s at least not raining, I get everyone into the car and head down to Gower in search of a place I went to regularly as a child – Crawley Woods.

Now, despite asking my parents for directions, checking google maps AND setting up the good ol’ Sat-Nav, I still can’t find the place!  It’s a beautiful woods, with the best tree swings a child/mum/dad could wish for, where after a bit of a trek opens out onto the gorgeous Three Cliffs Bay.  It really is such a great place to go, but where the heck has it gone to?

I’m beginning to think that this place may be an Urban Legend.

Anyway, on one of my missions to find the mystical Crawley  Woods last weekend, we came across this place….which, try as the hubby might to convince me otherwise, was NOT the place I’m looking for, it was pretty fun.

I’m Welsh,  - got to have a few snaps of the defaid i.e sheep. Hehe.

^My favourite bunch of crazies.^

Now that Spring seems to have finally sprung, I’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit more.  As much as I love Winter, I do feel like we’ve been in hibernation for months now, and everything seems better when the sun is out, right?

22 Weeks Pregnant

Even though this is not my first pregnancy, this IS my first EVER bump photo.

I feel a bit guilty about this but until my wedding day, I never willingly had my photo taken as an adult.  So I have hardly any photo’s of me with my other babies. :-(

I am just not photogenic at all.  Having a photographer at my wedding and being happy with most of the photo’s has made me a little more accepting of myself and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact there’s not much I can do about my face – I’m stuck with it, has helped me embrace a bit of photo taking. Now and again.


So here we are – week 22


This week we have been having a lot more activity in that big belly. The kids are now able to feel the tiny thudding, when they’re feeling patient enough to wait, and I am finding myself being regularly woken up by the little wriggler.

I have become obsessed with watching One Born Every Minute.  Having never ever watched it before I am enjoying catching up on older episodes when the hubby is watching the football. He just can’t bear to watch (or listen to) these programs, but I am loving it.  There’s just something about watching how other women cope with labour that makes it so addictive.

We have also been to see the consultant this week.  After having 3 normal deliveries,  2  being water births, I am for the first time under consultant care. This is due to the huge vertical scar on my stomach from my ectopic pregnancy operation last year.  Apparently, there is a fear that this might tear towards the end of the pregnancy, so I must be closely monitored. I feel really sad about this as I thought I would be having my quick, easy, straight forward birth but it turns out I may need to be induced early, meaning no water birth (sad face) ….so we will wait and see.


After countless review reading and research, we have finally ordered our new pram and car seat.  Phew. A task and a half.


However, I am STILL obsessing about -

  • moving house – we just need more space.
  • getting a new car – we need a 7 seater
  • maternity clothes – I hate feeling frumpy
  • getting a co-sleeping cot

We have always just had a moses basket for day time naps downstairs, and then co-slept in the big bed upstairs, but with Frankie still sneaking into bed with us now and again there just isn’t room.  So, I’m thinking the Chicco Next 2 Me crib is looking a brilliant option.  I would love to know if anyone has got one of these, and what you thought/think of it?

Thanks for reading!




Are we mad? I’d say….lucky (with a sprinkling of madness)

secretWell, I haven’t been around much the last few weeks, but HUGE things have been happening.

We are only blimming expecting baby number four and I could honestly burst!

After a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in July and open stomach surgery to remove my fallopian tube, I was told it could take up to three years to conceive again.  Now, I had no idea I was pregnant in July – heck it was 6 weeks until my wedding and I was putting myself through the 30 day shred twice a day to fit into my dress!  I put my excruciating stomach pains down to me actually doing some exercise for once combined with my performing the crunches with bad form! Silly, silly me.

Anyway, we had no plans to expand our already pretty big family, but after the wedding we thought how nice it would be to have just one legitimate child in wedlock (!) and with a 3-year-to-conceive prediction thought we’d better (bunny) hop to it.  Well, it did not take as long as expected….and here we are!!!

(Apologies, if this is a little bit ‘Facebook’. I have NEVER posted a scan photo before, but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist.)

baby kendall no4


The girls were ecstatic – I wish we’d recorded their reaction as you’d swear we’d told them they were going to Disneyland (poor girls, one day we’ll go back – promise). They screamed and jumped up and down, then….burst into tears, which promptly sent me into a weeping mess too. (This isn’t surprising as even when being forced to watch the football, a great goal or hearing the Swansea City fans singing Hymns and Arias send into meltdown – I don’t even like football!!!)

Frankie continued building his Lego, oblivious.

Olivia later said that she’d been praying for a new baby every week at Church – what a good catholic girl she is. :-)





Goodbye 2013, you were….eventful

So, that was 2013.  What an eventful year full of wonderful ups and some terrifying downs for our little family.


I, for one am ready and excited for this new year and what it may bring. None of this ‘New Year, New Me’ rubbish which never comes to anything (at least not with me anyway), I’m just going to focus on making the most of every day.


Here are a few of my favourite photos from the last year, mostly taken on our little walks .

                                                                                               walk walk1

These few photo’s were taken a few days after we came back from here, and I was feeling a little bit down about being back home.  I wanted to pack up the kids and move to Poland for good!


Seeing ^^that^^ sunset though, made me realise how luck I am to live in little ol’ Swansea.

1a4walk10 walk11 walk12



And of course, this happened this year..

For more wedding photo’s click here.

Hope you all had a Merry little Christmas, and here’s to 2014, fingers crossed it’s good to you.

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